3rd Time DUI Offender found NOT GUILTY BY JURY Attorney Wins 3 DUI Cases Against Same Prosecutor in One Month Realtor Blows .193 on 3rd DUI Arrest Involving Crash; CHARGES DROPPED Driver Blows .291 (Almost 4X The Legal Limit); License Reinstated

False Allegations

Orlando False Allegations Attorney

A false allegation can truly damage an individual. A false or grossly exaggerated accusation can at times lead to a criminal investigation. This, in turn, can lead to an arrest with possible criminal charges. It is very important that action be taken immediately in order to prove the innocence of the falsely accused individual. A skilled Orlando False Allegations Attorney can prevent these false accusations from turning into convictions of a criminal offense that can destroy the reputation of a person. An attorney that knows the process of the law can circumvent the escalation of the charges which can have serious and long lasting effects on the individual. Once a case escalates it is hard to remove the public opinion of those who learn of the charges. This can lead to a loss of friends, alienation of loved ones and even the loss of a job.

At Musca law, our attorneys have over 100 years of legal experience backed by a strong commitment to assisting clients who have been incorrectly accused of a crime. It takes an experienced criminal defense attorney to conduct specialized, independent investigations to help to prove our client’s innocence. We also know how to obtain expert witnesses to refute the false claims to a prosecutor or in a court of law should the case go to court. Our goal is to prevent prosecution when possible. If that is not possible we will provide criminal defense representation by using a team approach. A team approach to criminal defense allows our firm to utilize all of our attorney’s experience, strengths and strategies to provide the most favorable outcome for you. We design a plan based on our team’s recommendations to ensure that you have the best possible outcome.

Orlando False Allegations Attorney

There are a number of reasons why individuals make false claims and allegations about others. These individuals may be jealous, angry, seeking revenge or even attention. These “victims” can also create false allegations to use as leverage to win other legal battles. This is a common occurrence in custody cases. Our Orlando Criminal Defense Attorneys will work to carefully research the case through careful investigation of all the facts. The circumstances of the accusation are also considered in the investigation to assist in proving that the accused is indeed innocent. Our attorneys will stop at nothing to find evidence that our clients have been accused in error. We will utilize all available resources to ensure that we have all the information we need to prove your innocence.

If you have been wrongly charged with a violent crime, domestic violence, a sex crime, juvenile crime, white collar crime, theft of belongings or any type of federal crime, an Orlando False Allegations Attorney at our firm will assist you. We have highly capable criminal defense attorneys with years of experience to assist clients who are themselves the victims of false allegations. Allow our Orlando False Accusation Attorneys to examine your case and provide some free advice on how we can help you clear your name of false charges. Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation. Find out how we can make all the difference for your case with our dedicated criminal defense attorneys.